How to Approach Women

Knowing how to approach women seems to most men, one of those things that only really gifted or really brave men can pull off without making a fool out of themselves. Have you ever felt that if you just knew how to pick up women that the rest of it would be easy? If so, you’re probably super frustrated if you haven’t yet learned the art of approaching a woman you don’t know. Well, if this is you, then you’ll be excited to learn these simple tips on how to approach women…


First, Know Where to Meet Women

The first key to learning how to approach women is knowing where to meet them. You’ve probably already learned that it is easier to meet women in some places than it is in others. For example, picking up women in the gym isn’t usually a good idea, or at the grocery store or any other place where they’re trying to take care of business and don’t have time to chat.

Sure, if you see a woman you’re crazy about approaching and you know you’ll never get another chance, it’s better to give it a shot than not do anything. But your chances of getting a positive response will be greatly increased if you go to places where women hang out and relax and where they are open towards meeting somebody: dog parks, coffee shops, book stores, clubs…

Second, the Walk Away Approach

Most men who think they know how to approach women try to go straight from hello to getting a phone number within the first five minutes. The problem with this is that it comes off as needy and it telegraphs interest without giving you a chance to build your social value. Better to make a brief approach or comment, get a response from her, and walk away or get back to your business.

This accomplishes two objectives: first, it shows her that you’re not needy and gets her wondering whether or not you’re interested in her…and curiosity is easy to turn into interest. The other thing that it does is gives you a chance to test out her response to you and see if you’re even interested. Once you’ve approached and walked away, it’s also much easier to come back and engage her again.

Third, Use the Observational Approach

If you’re one of those guys who thinks that the secret to how to approach women is having a solid routine memorized before you talk to her, guess again. The best approaches are always the most natural approaches. This means that you have to become a master of using observational conversation starters to engage people.

This isn’t as hard as it sounds, the problem is that most guys don’t bother to practice this till they see “dreamgirl” and suddenly find themselves reduced to monosyllabic cavemen. You’ll never learn how to pick up women if you only test your skills under this kind of pressure.

Instead, practice observational conversation starters with everyone you possibly can: guys, girls, old people, fat dudes you’d normally never speak to etc. This way, your conversational skills will be sharp when you finally see a woman you’re attracted to, and you’ll be on your game.


Like the saying goes: “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.”

Remember, knowing how to approach women is not some magical feat which requires you to summon your spirit guide. Like anything else, it is consistent practice, and these three steps will help you to become master.

Debt Counseling Advice

Getting Good Debt Counseling Advice Can Change Your Life


It seems like many people are having financial troubles these days and the truth is many are however being the challenge that it is, there is help for those who need it.

Whether you’re struggling because of the economy, you lost a job, you’re under employed or your expenses have increased, there is assistance available. Finding the right kind of debt counseling advice can be the difference between gaining control of your finances and potentially losing everything.

Why Use Debt Counseling Advice?

The first thing to remember when seeking financial help through a debt counseling service is that it’s advice you can use to help turn your situation around. They will look at your  debt information and give you the advice on the best way to get yourself out of financial trouble.

You are not required to sign anything just to get counseling and it is completely your choice whether to follow their advice or not. It’s a great way to get an unbiased opinion about your situation.

Review Your Finances

The first thing that will happen is a complete review of your finances. This will include all types of income you have and all of your expenses. When you go through this review, it is critical that you be honest with the person you’re speaking with if you want to receive the most appropriate debt counseling advice.

Recommendations and Advice

Once the review of your finances is complete, the counselor will provide you with advice and recommendations on how they think you should proceed.

This type of advice can go a long way toward solving your financial problems.
The fact is that a lot of people end up in financal trouble because they were never taught how to manage their money properly.

Getting quality debt counseling advice can provide you with resources and tools to teach you how to do this. You can learn how to set a budget and get tips on how to stick with it.

You will also learn the difference between expenses that are a “must have” and those you “want to have but can’t afford”. This is a lesson well-learned for now and the future if you want to get out of debt and stay debt free. However, this does not at all mean that you will never be able to buy the things you want, only that it will show you buying disciplines that will make you a smart consumer.

In your quest for help with your debt, you may be eligible to reduce some of your expenses in ways you have never before considered. As well you may be able to refinance your mortgage, reduce your insurance costs or even get a cheaper phone plan.

A service that provides good debt counseling advice will be able to direct you to other resources that can help with many types of helpful things.

Consolidating your credit card expenses is another piece of advice you may be given. In most cases, these businesses can provide you with interest rates that are much lower than you are currently paying.


The process works with them contacting your credit card companies and seting up a repayment plan. You will then pay the counseling service,and they will pay your credit card companies. This can end up saving you money each month, and it will help you pay off your credit card debt much sooner than you would be able to on your own. Plus, it helps take the pressure off of having too many payments to go out consolidating your bills all into one single payment.

Of course, if you are in much more serious financial trouble, your debt counseling advice might be to consider filing bankruptcy which many times has been the only way to provide the necessary relief, yet at the same time provides a plan for a fresh start.

If you are in financial trouble it is important that you seek professional advice and begin to work on bringing your situation to a better place which is possible with the help that is available.

Getting good Debt Counseling Advice is paramount to help get your debts paid down and to regain control over your finances once again.

Credit Card Debt

How To Repay Credit Card Debt Quickly:


The use of credit cards has become all too common in today’s consumer environment. Shopping with a credit card is no problem for most people but keeping the credit card paid off each month is always a challenge. If you are carrying a balance on one or more credit cards here are some suggestions that will help you get all your balances paid off.

The first step is to get all your cards together. Sort them by interest rate from highest to lowest or put them in order by high to low minimum payment. It is a good idea to tackle the highest credit card balance first. Plan your budget to allow for paying extra each month. The additional amount you pay each month can be large or small. The main thing is to be consistent and pay this amount each month until you have a zero balance.

You’ll find it much easier to do this if you curtail your other expenses and just buy things you really need. Another helpful tip is to destroy or lock up all of your high interest credit cards. You’ll never have to endure the painful repayment process if you can stop using credit cards.

If you have credit card debt spread over multiple cards, focus on each one until paid off.
It will take determination and a little time but if you stay on task you’ll be able to become credit card debt free.

If you have ever read your credit card bill statement (you should) you have probably noticed the calculation the bank provides that tells you how long it will take to pay off your balance. Many credit counselors find this table more than a little bit misleading.


The timing is based on paying the minimum payment each month until the balance is paid off. That is why you’ll see pay off estimates that seem really long. Sometimes in the 15-20 year range. You can pay your credit card debt off much quicker with this next method.

To pay credit card debt off as fast as possible pay as much as you can afford (not just the minimum payment) each month and continue sending in that amount each month until the credit card debt is completely paid off.

Depending on your credit score rating, you may be able to secure a bank loan with a low interest rate to pay off your credit card debt. Once you have all your credit cards paid off just keep one active and be sure you can always pay it off each month. Credit cards can be very convenient and helpful as long as you never spend more than you can afford to pay off.

Taking on the proper level of responsibility will help you in all your financial endeavors.
If you can’t afford to pay for something within 30 days – just don’t buy it.

Should you find yourself in credit card debt, don’t hesitate to explore your options and get some help. There are many legitimate credit counseling programs available. They will help you design an accelerated credit card debt repayment plan.

How to Stop Emotional Eating..

Food is fuel for the human body, and we eat it to get ourselves through the day. We also gather around the dinner table to celebrate special events and spend time with our loved ones. In times of grief, it’s common to offer food to the bereaved. Is it any wonder that food and emotions are so connected?


Unfortunately, some people feel compelled to eat far past the point of satiety. This is done in an attempt to calm volatile emotions or to fill an emotional void.

The National Institute of Health estimates that 3% of Americans (over 9 million people) suffer from compulsive overeating, also known as Binge Eating Disorder. This disease can lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes, and feelings of intense guilt and shame.

Emotional eaters tend to be guided by their emotions rather than their hunger. Some eat when they are sad, lonely, or bored. Others eat when they are stressed out.

Most are simply carrying on behaviors learned in childhood, when food was associated with comfort and reward. Emotional eating has little to do with actual hunger, and everything to do with  unfulfilled needs.

If you think you or someone you love might be struggling with compulsive emotional eating, follow these steps to start the recovery process.

Recognize the signs of emotional eating.

Emotional eaters tend to eat until they are uncomfortably full, and they usually eat alone because they are self-conscious about the amount of food they are consuming. After an emotional eating binge, they might feel disgusted, guilty, or depressed about their lack of self-control.

Learn to identify your triggers.

Every emotional eating episode has a trigger.  Think back to a time when you engaged in compulsive eating. Was it a reaction to a particularly stressful day? Were you consoling yourself with food to overcome loneliness or boredom?  Were you relieved that a stressful period in your life had finally come to an end?  All of these situations can lead to an emotional eating binge.

Discover your true needs.

It’s not always an easy process, but if you want to overcome emotional eating, you must learn to recognize and ask for what you truly need. Do you need food, or do you need affection?  Do you need food, or do you need to feel appreciated? When your true needs are fulfilled, the compulsion to eat will go away.

Keep a food journal.


A food journal is an excellent way to keep track of your food intake. You can also use it to track your feelings and emotional eating triggers. This will help you identify the thought processes leading up to a binge. Once you can identify these thoughts, you can take steps to change them and head off the next binge before it occurs.

Replace food with other rewards.

Learn to reward yourself with treats other than food. If you need to feel pampered after meeting a stressful deadline, celebrate with a massage or a luxurious bubble bath. If you want to celebrate after losing ten pounds, buy yourself a new outfit or something related to a favorite hobby.

Too many of us turn automatically to food as a reward, forgetting that there are many healthier ways to splurge!

Talk to someone who understands.

Millions of people struggle with emotional eating, and you do not need to go through recovery alone. Sometimes it helps to hear from others who have beaten the disorder, and others who face the same challenges as you.


How to Reduce Double Chin Fat

Double chins are a sad fact of life for many of us. If you have a naturally round face, you might be especially prone to storing extra fat beneath your chin. While there are no instant cures, you can reduce double chin fat the same way you reduce fat everywhere else: By exercising more and eating less.


But fat loss doesn’t need to be torturous. Here are some ways you can reduce double chin fat without working yourself to death or saying goodbye to your favorite foods.

Foods that Reduce Fat

Some foods make you gain weight, and others promote fat loss. Carbs can lead to weight gain if you eat the wrong kinds. Bad carbs are typically defined as any food that gets most of its calories from refined sugar or refined white flour.

Low-fat dairy products are excellent fat fighters. Studies have shown that people who consumed 3 servings of dairy each day lost more weight than those who didn’t consume dairy products.

Unsaturated fats, like those found in nuts, olives, olive oil, and salmon, are also good for speeding up your metabolism. They also make you feel full for longer periods of time, which keeps you from overeating due to hunger.

Carbohydrates are important for keeping your energy up and helping you keep a positive outlook. Low-carb diets have been shown to cause depression in some people. Instead of cutting carbs completely, switch to the healthier kind found in whole fruits, vegetables, and products made from whole grain.

Finally, sip green tea in the morning instead of coffee. Green tea revs up the metabolism, making your body get rid of its fat stores faster!

Exercises that Reduce Fat

Cardio exercise will also help you burn fat faster, which will help you reduce double chin fat – and every other kind. Five hours of cardio exercise each week will promote weight loss and keep you feeling great. Note that it doesn’t matter which cardio activity you choose. Persistence is key, so choose a few activities you enjoy, and cycle through them each week.

Strength training is also important for building muscle and speeding up the metabolism. Build more muscle and burn more fat by pumping iron three to five times a week. If weight-lifting doesn’t appeal to you, try yoga or isometrics.

Facial Toning Exercises

Some people believe you can reduce double chin size by toning the facial muscles. While this hasn’t been backed up by science, many folks swear by facial toning exercises.

To target a double chin, stick out your lower lip as far as you can. Then scoop it up and over your top lip. Hold for 10 seconds, and release. Do 30 to 40 of these each day. (The process looks rather amusing, so you might want to do it when nobody is watching!)

Hydrating to Reduce Double Chin Size

If you’re bloated, your face is one of the first places to show it. Sodium and sugary carbs are two of the biggest bloat-producers, so cutting down on them can reduce the appearance of a double chin.

Carbs cause bloating by attracting water, which makes muscles and fat deposits swell in size. Sodium causes inflammation in the body, causing it to retain fluid in an effort to dilute the sodium. This leads to bloating, and bloating leads to a larger double chin.

Beat bloating and reduce double chin size by drinking lots of water. Drink at least 8 glasses a day. If your face and hands are still puffy, drink 2 or 3 more glasses. Avoid sodium, sweets, and white flour products until your bloating is under control.